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www.thecool.co.th Under the business of The Cool Company Limited by providing services for distributing, shipping and repairing products In response to the purchase of products of the new generation through a more fulfilling lifestyle Not just a website You can also You can access the service via Facebook and Line as well.
For you, customers, accessing the website The publishing team would like to take a good opportunity. Please inform the following terms and conditions:

1.Please confirm and understand. 'Terms and Conditions' on the use of the website. We reserve the right to change, amend or delete parts of the said terms and conditions at any time. If there are any changes to the regulations of the website We reserve the right not to give prior notice, so we kindly ask the user to check the terms and conditions of use regularly and accept those changes by default.

2. Maintaining personal information and accounts (Account) can be done through logging in. User registration (Username) and password (Password), recommended that the user keep confidential. If any activity Occur under that username The account holder is entirely responsible. Because it is an agreement to perform such activities under the customer's account. If the user is under 18 years of age, they should use the service with a parent's recommendation. Because the product is not suitable for children But they are sold to people who can pay by credit card or other payment method. Available on the website by www.thecool.co.th Has the right to cancel the personal account And refuse to provide service Including editing or canceling the order

3. In the case of membership registration The user must provide the personal information that is accurate, complete and up to date. And must update personal information to be correct Always with today's reality

4. For users who use any service Then cause damage to other users as well as to the company The service user must agree to pay for the damage incurred in full.

5. Users can express their opinions and communicate through www.thecool.co.th at all, whether it is posting reviews, comments under the image or any content Including sending an e-mail to suggestions, comments or suggestions The content is subject to law and morals. Ignore messages that are obscene, threatening, infringement of privacy and intellectual property rights. Including defamation, advertising, chain letters, spam, or inciting political opinions, refraining from using fake e-mails or conducting activities on the website through other user accounts. The website creator team has the right to edit or delete such content. Without prior notice

6. If the user wishes to communicate with www.thecool.co.th Can be done via email. sales-online@thecool.com

7. All information on this website is the intellectual property of the company. Whether registered or not registered for intellectual property Web content and website design, including But not limited to All text, graphics, software, photos, videos, music, audio and extracts and arrangements and including the source code and supporting software will remain our property. All content of this website is protected by copyright laws, as a collective work under the Thai copyright law and international conventions. All rights reserved.

8. If there is a change in the price of the product on the day the consumer orders The organizer team will contact you back. To notify of changes or inquire If the user wants to cancel the order Which will hurry to negotiate before delivery

9. The software is on www.thecool.co.th It is the property of The Cool Company Limited and is protected by applicable laws in the Kingdom of Thailand. For using the Company's software (website), the user can use all features and functions, the author team aims to fulfill the user's purchase of products under the terms of use. Work as mentioned above Prohibit the user from using the software. To personal property Transfer to third parties, sell, rent, distribute. The Company may automatically suspend or suspend the right to use the service at any time without notification. If all conditions of use are not followed

10. To access the website through the telecommunication network Each company has different policies for service and consumer protection. Including service fees incurred by www.thecool.co.th There is no part in the service charge.

11. The company Do not promote and prohibit any and partial copying, alteration, modification, disassembly of the Software. Including various information Address on the website

12. Because the company There is a process to investigate any fraud or illegal activities. If an account with a history of fraud is detected Having had illegal behavior, the company has the right to refuse to cancel the account. Or suspend the order, and also contact back to the user via phone. To listen to the confirmation of ordering products again This is to protect users and prevent fraud, fraud or illegal activities.

Please carefully study the terms of use before accessing and paying through www.thecool.co.th hereby may change terms and conditions without prior notice.
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