Order cancellation / exchange-return / refund policy

1. Order cancellation : The customer can cancel the order within 3 (three) days from the date of order. However, when canceling an order, there are limitations as follows.

- Products, if shipped, must not be activated.
- The product, if delivered, must not be damaged, damaged or otherwise damaged by customer actions, whether intentionally or not. And the packaging (package) is not in a condition that the company will accept.

2. Product exchange : Immediately upon receipt and / or before using the product. Customers will have to check the correctness of products, equipment, parts As well as free gifts of that product If you want to change Customers can notify the company to request a replacement within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of the product.

- Products with quality assurance Must be returned for inspection first And will be considered on a case by case basis
- The product must not cause dirt. And to maintain the box condition (if any)
- Products and freebies of such products If opened and used to scratch Or any other wrinkles Customers will not be able to request a replacement. But will enter the delivery system instead

3. Return of product :

- The company reserves the right to return the product. In which customers will have to keep products and equipment All items have been put in a box in good condition.

- Please prepare a document confirming the return of the product to the freight forwarder while receiving the return

- Please keep the receipt every time to confirm in case of needing after-sales service.

4. Refund :

4.1 For customers who pay by credit card

- When the customer informs the payment cancellation (Before receiving the product), the card must be voided and the customer will receive the credit limit back to the original credit card within 3-5 working days after the date the customer notifies the company.

- In case of returning products After the product has been returned to the company Customers will receive a credit limit within 30 days *, subject to the bank's refund conditions.

4.2 For customers transferring cash payments

- In case of order cancellation (Before receiving the goods) Customers who have paid will receive money back by transfer to the bank account that the customer notified within 15 days after receiving the notice of cancellation.

- In case of receiving the product but requesting cancellation, the customer who has already paid must return the product Customers will receive money back by transfer to the bank account that the customer notified within 15 days after the product has been returned to the company and the product has been inspected to be in perfect condition.

5.After sales service / product warranty :

- In case the product has quality problems within the warranty period There are no repairs or shipping costs.

- In case of damaged products under the responsibility of the customer Or misused The customer is responsible for all expenses. In repair and transportation Even if the product is still within the warranty period

- In case the product is out of insurance The customer will be responsible for the repair and shipping costs.

6. In case of doubt Contact for more information at 02-105-4382.
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